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24 8 IN 1 COFFEE 12 CAPPUCCINO COFFEE 24 KRYPTORGANIC 12 PRIME JUICE 24 VITALIFE 365 12 CHOCO 8 DRINK 1,800 P.V. Product Name: 8 in 1 Coffee Mix Ingredients: White Sugar Non-Dairy Creamer Coffee Powder Maltodextrine Agaricus Blazei Murill Tongkat Ali Ginkgo Biloba Calcium Carbonate Omega-3/DHA Product Name: Cappuccino with Guyabano & Moringa Ingredients: White Sugar Non-Dairy Creamer Coffee Powder Foaming Agent Cappuccino Flavor Agaricus Blazei Murill Barley Grass Powder Calcium Lactate Ginkgo Biloba Guyabano Powder Mangosteen Powder Moringa Powder Omega 3 Tongkat Ali Product Name: KryptOrganic Sorokina Formula Food Supplement Ingredients: Chlorella Sorokiniana Spirulina Platensis Crypthecodinium Cohnii (red Algae) Product Name: Ponkan and Pineapple Drink Mix with Mangosteen and Goji Berry Extract Ingredients: Ponkan Powder Pineapple Powder Dextrose Anhydrous Natural Identical Flavor Goji Extract Mangosteen Extract Red Maroon Colorant Product Name: Vitalife 365 Food Supplement Ingredients: Protease Amylase Lipase Cellulase Trace Minerals Magnesium Citrate HCl Calcium Ascorbate Zinc Gluconate Manganese Gluconate Pectin (Apple) Kelp Product Name: Choco 8 Cocoa Drink Mix with Agaricus Mushroom, Chlorella Growth Factor, Guyabano Powder, Omega-3 with DHA and Colostrum Ingredients: Cocoa Powder Sugar Non-Dairy Creamer Iodized Salt Xanthan Gum Agaricus Blazei Murill Mushroom Chlorella Growth Factor Ginkgo Biloba Omega 3 w/ DHA Colostrum

Freight Reference: 0 grams

Price USD 3936.00